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Less Spending   Less Spending   Big Spending
Tax money is YOUR money. We have to live within our own budgets; we should expect our Supervisors to do the same. Stop reckless spending to prevent tax increases   "Our families and most states are required to balance their budgets; it is reasonable to assume the federal government should do the same."   One real estate purchase after another with no need for the land. Load the people of Shenandoah County with debt, causing one tax increase after another.
Smaller Government   Smaller Government   Bigger Government
 America's founding principles are freedom, limited government, and the dignity and worth of individuals. Temporarily freeze the government size until a proper balance with county population is reached.   "We intend to downsize this mess and make government actually do what it is supposed to do." "...the founding principles of freedom and limited government and the dignity and worth of every individual."   Government size almost doubled. Has followed the outdated command & control attitude, imposing regulations against the voters wishes "for their own good".
Encourage Business   Encourage Business   Discourage Business
Encourage clean businesses in Shenandoah County. Boost new and existing small businesses, including tourism. Work to promote a healthy mixture of agriculture, manufacturing, and services. Jim Patrick is the only candidate with a development plan.   "Small businesses create most of the new jobs and keep this country a land of opportunity." Small businesses "..generate more than half the gross domestic product, and deserve better treatment from government than they have received."   Current policy puts obstacles in front of any potential businesses by the dual hearing process. Failed to promote or assist existing businesses. Failed to make the County attractive to industry or recruit any new business or manufacturing.
Reduce Regulation   Reduce Regulation   Increase Regulation
Reduce inappropriate zoning of land. Return lot size requirements to 2002 levels, and work to have any further changes put to county-wide referendum. Eliminate senseless bureaucracy.   "In many areas housing prices are higher than they need to be because of regulations that drive up housing costs." ...we urge states and localities to work with local builders and lenders to eliminate unnecessary burdens that price many families out of the market."   Arbitrary zoning has unfairly changed land value for many. Doubled and tripled lot-size requirements create sprawl and have driven housing costs up, making home-ownership out of reach for many families. Sensleless regulations collect fees but fail to protect the environment.
Conservative Values  

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An independent conservative voice to represent all the people of District 2 and work toward the responsible policies expressed in the Republican platform.  

"Republican Platform 2000. Renewing America's Purpose. Together."
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