District 2 Supervisor




Why is Education toward the end?

It's vitally important to all our citizens, vitally important to our economy, and the largest item in the County's budget; but education is what I can have the least effect on.

Virginia law sets the (elected) School Board as the 'controlling legal authority' over the schools and school personnel in Shenandoah County. The Board of Supervisors role is narrowly defined and is fundamentally limited to approving or disapproving funding requests.

Current Salary Initiative

Many of Shenandoah County's citizens feel their voices aren't heard, that expensive decisions are rushed into without consideration. One of these proposals is a huge wage increase for teachers and administrators.

This plan would make Shenandoah County teachers the 14th highest paid in Virginia (at the low end) and fifth highest at its extreme; all in a county where income is far below state average.

It would richly reward administrators for failed federal guidelines and severely lower student PSAT test scores.

Shenandoah County teachers are paid fairly, and above the state average. Every year the Virginia Education Association publishes an apples-to-apples comparison of salaries. Shenandoah County teachers' salary ranks 47 out of 132 jurisdictions.

Shenandoah's teacher salary scales are higher than neighboring Page, Rockingham and Warren Counties; less than Clarke and Frederick Counties. Unlike areas with higher wages --and higher costs of living-- Shenandoah County teachers can buy their own homes and live in the community.

Salary Facts


Hiring or retention problems are not just financial, and we should not try to bury valid grievances under a mountain of taxpayers' money.

We need to keep and attract good teachers who are rewarded fairly and have good working conditions. If elected I will consider all reasonable compensation requests, including insurance.

In a county where the per capita income is far below the rest of Virginia, and the teachers' salary scale is above most other jurisdictions, a 30-35% across-the-board wage increase is unreasonable.

Jim's Position