District 2 Supervisor




Straight Talk on Taxes

Claims about lowering the tax rate.
    • True, but taxes have increased, the dollars you actually have to pay.
Claims about eliminated livestock and ag-machinery tax.
    • True in 2000. The next year real estate taxes increased 5%. Actual dollars.
    • Real estate taxes rose another 6% this year. Actual dollars.
    • In the last 8 years, real estate taxes have risen 47%. Actual dollars.
Claims about support of clean, high-tech industry.
    •  Lip service. Shenandoah County has the area's highest tools and machinery tax.

Due to new construction and improvements, the actual revenue stream from real estate taxes --dollars the county receives-- is increasing without any need for tax raises.

    • If we can restrain ourselves to Less Spending and keep from buying any more vacant grocery stores, empty farms, and sewer lines to nowhere;
    • If we can resist doubling the size of county departments and maintain a Smaller Government that serves the people in a positive way;
    • Then we are fully capable of having Limited Taxes with no need to raise them in the foreseeable future;
    • By being financially prudent, Shenandoah County can maintain High Academic Standards and use the naturally increasing revenue to maintain and even improve the neglected areas of education such as Triplett Tech, all without any need to raise taxes.